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Open Letter to NE State Senator Megan Hunt

Dear State Senator Megan Hunt,

I recently saw you comments/tweet about Jake Gardner’s and I am here to say that I am angry at them and at you. Despite all the video evidence that is available online and all the is known about the facts of the case, Gardner clearly was acting well within his both his and constitution rights to defend himself and his business from rioters and looters. I’m guessing you didn’t know this but rioting and looting is a crime and defending your business from said activity is not.

Dancing on the grave of a man who took his own life because everything was taken from him is nothing less but despicable and is well beneath the office that you hold. I hope that you, as a human being, look at yourself and feel ashamed and are willing to make a public apology. This man served overseas, twice, while you stayed safe in the freest country in the world. Marines like Gardner are a huge part of the reason you, and I, can live and pursue the things we want.

We may have our political disagreements, but part of living in a free society is understanding that we are not going to agree with everyone but can learn to live together. Your accusation of Gardner being a “white supremacist” is also utterly baseless but nonetheless, even if he was he has every right to life, liberty, and property that every human being does.

When James Scurlock attached Gardner that night, he gave up his right to live and Gardner had the right to defend himself. The fact that you support a person who committed assault and committed other violent crimes in the past is completely shameful.

I hope that you apologized for you insensitive comments and that you resign from your office as you do not seem to be fit to be in it.


Kyle Kinney

Nebraska Citizen

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